About Kyi

DinewithKyi_profile-10Thuzar Kyi - British Born Burmese, brought up in Wolverhampton, with a B.Sc. in Information Management from UCL, and a M.Sc. in Energy, Trade & Finance from CASS. Her degrees lead her to a successful career in Investment Management as a Business Consultant for 10 years in which she travelled most of Europe and the US with her job. However her true passion was always cooking, dining and anything food related. Her love for Burmese food came pretty quickly in her life as she would eat off her mother’s plate as far back as she could remember; her mother being an excellent cook in Burmese cuisine. Her favourite dishes she loved from her mum’s plate were all ‘chin chin, suh suh’ which translates as ‘sour sour, hot hot’.

In 1998, Thuzar shuffled off to university in London, bright eyed and bushy tailed, excited at the prospect of furthering her education in the capital, however something was missing. Her excitement was tempered by a hole she felt in her stomach. She missed her mum’s cooking!! So as well as learning the intricacies of her degree, she spent her spare time writing down her mum’s recipes and learning how to cook them for herself. She also discovered the concept of feasting in the capital… lead astray by her university friends!

Unfortunately, Thuzar’s mum passed away in 2012, and she thought to herself that her mum’s recipes should not be buried with her. Thuzar wanted London to be exposed to home cooked Burmese cuisine. So in 2013, she quit her job and decided to do her CIEH Level 3 Food Safety and develop her own home cooked, mum inspired, Burmese menu to tantalise the London foodies.

Here we have it, the birth of Dine with Kyi – mum inspired cuisine!

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